Special Occasions

Autumn brings us a luxurious palette of colors and textures. Reds, oranges, yellows and earth tones all mingle as the leaves change and the weather cools. It’s a great season to entertain friends and family.

Here’s a quick way to really set the scene for fall. All you need is fabric, fabric paint, a brush and leaves from outdoors. Then get creative with anything you like: fabric napkins, kitchen towels, aprons, tote bags… An easy and fun way to bring autumn color into your home!

You’ll Need:
Cloth napkins
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Piece of Cardboard

Preventing Bleed
Place a piece of cardboard underneath the folded napkin area where paint will be applied. This will keep the paint from soaking through more than one layer of cloth.

Paint Your Leaf
Pick a fall color of your choice and apply it to one side of the leaf with a brush.

Leaf + Napkin
Place the painted side of the leaf down on the napkin. Avoid creasing or folding the leaf.

Press The Leaf
With the leaf positioned, press down and rub all areas of the leaf to transfer the paint onto the napkin.

Remove The Leaf
Remove the leaf oh so carefully, pulling it up by the stem to avoid smudging the paint.

Let the paint dry for at least a few hours before moving the napkin.