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Northeastern US (Zones 4-5)

Winter is always slow to let go of you in the northeast, it may even still be snowing in April in your area, but a good start to the gardening season involves getting your flowers early and acclimating them to spring’s uncertain temperatures so they are ready to explode into color as soon as possible. Your last frost date varies from early April to late May, but the number of nights below freezing will become fewer and fewer as April proceeds. Ask your local garden center which plants will tolerate spring’s cold best and still flower all summer! Here’s a short list of some of our favorites for your area.

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Northeastern US (Zones 6-7)

While your gardens are in the middle of the eastern mountains and coastal plains, spring can still be iffy with late frosts and then suddenly shifting to hot and humid summers depending on your location. While your last frost date is in early-late April, spring can come and go quickly, so successful planning is the key to have garden color all summer long. Start checking garden centers soon, as this is the time of year when they have the best selection, plus you can beat the crowds! This is a great way to escape the last of winter’s cold fronts, snuggled in a warm greenhouse looking at beautiful flowers. Ask about plants that can take some cold weather and still perform all summer as well. Here are a few we recommend for your area!

Download Zone 6-7 Plant List PDF
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