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  • Roll over the plant images to activate the slideshows.
  • Use the Left and Right arrows to change combinations.
  • On a phone or tablet, swipe the plants left or right.
  • Click on the combination to view the plant list and recipe.


Beautiful urns are works of art all on their own. To best complement them, use a simple combination of plants that are mounding in shape so trailing stems don’t obscure the view. Neutrals like white, green or deep purple are always beautiful in classic stone, metal and clay urns.

Vertical Jars

When gathering containers, vary their height so the flowers will be presented at different levels across the collection. Vertical jars add a strong upright element to the grouping and tend to have a modern feel. Plant them with taller, spiky plants to create an especially striking focal point.

Bowls + Rounds

These versatile shapes go anywhere in any color. Fill them with classic thriller, filler, spiller combinations, with perennials you’ll transplant later, or large ornamental grasses for some WOW power.

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