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Proven Winners maintains a robust online presence, but we couldn’t do what we do without the vital work of influencers. The folks below are amplifying the message by sharing their own personal experiences of growing Proven Winners plants, using our plant foods and gardening tools. They help us reach new audiences every day through social media, including some people who are seeing our brand for the very first time.

Katie Stagliano–Katie’s Krops

Since the age of 9, Katie Stagliano has been working to grow an end to hunger. Now a recent college graduate, Katie runs Katie’s Krops, a national nonprofit with 100 gardens run by youth ages 9 to 16 in 30 states. 100% of the harvest from these gardens is donated to people in need in the local community through soup kitchens, food banks, community centers, cancer centers and directly to families.

Laura LeBoutiller
Garden Answer

Social media influencers Laura and Aaron LeBoutiller of Garden Answer have become unparalleled brand ambassadors for Proven Winners within the last few years. Devoted followers from around the world are learning how to garden through the videos they produce. Every day, we hear from consumers who tell us they’ve discovered our plant varieties through Garden Answer.

Ambrose & Angie Salazar
Garden Obsessions

Growing up, Ambrose and Angie’s parents always had a garden. They knew they would love to plant a garden with their own children, but as a military family, they never thought it would be possible because they move every 2-3 years. Now based at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA, they have reinstalled many of the plants they moved with them from their previous home, determined not to leave any Proven Winners behind.

Norman Winter
“The Garden Guy”

Norman Winter “The Garden Guy” is a southern gardening specialist who has been evaluating plants in Texas, Mississippi and Coastal Georgia gardens for the last three decades. He recently retired as the Director of the University of Georgia’s Botanical Gardens in Savannah and was previously an extension horticulturist and coordinator for the Mississippi Medallion Award trial program. In his role with Proven Winners, Norman is trialing varieties selected for the Heat is On™ program which features plants that are recommended especially for the South. He is documenting and sharing his experience on Facebook and Instagram through his gorgeous photography.

Kevin Espíritu
Epic Gardening

Kevin Espiritu, the founder of Epic Gardening based in San Diego, CA, is a self-taught gardener whose mission is to teach 10 million people how to grow their own food. He has a great start with 235,000 followers on Instagram, 191,000 Facebook followers, and an impressive 750,000 YouTube subscribers. Kevin’s goal is to simplify gardening to make it more accessible to people from all walks of life around the world. This year, he is showcasing our Proven Harvest Amazel Basil™ to his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube audiences.

Tracy VanVolkinburg
Plaids and Poppies

Tracy is a native Michigander based near Grand Rapids, MI in zone 5. One look at her Instagram page and you’ll see what a talented gardener, photographer, and stylist she is. She has an eye for creating beauty all around her home. Tracy started her page as a way to connect with others while sharing her stunning home and gardens which include many Proven Winners plants. More than 55,000 fans follow Tracy and her daily Instagram Stories where she enjoys helping people see the beauty in the everyday. You will find loads of inspiring content to repost from her page.

Dr. Brent Ridge & Josh Kilmer-Purcell–Beekman Farm

Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell founded Beekman 1802 in 2008, but they actually consider themselves to be a 211-year-old company. “When we stumbled across the Beekman Farm in upstate New York, we had no plans to create a business around it. We started making goat milk soaps and gourmet cheeses in 2008 and one thing just led to another.” Proven Winners have teamed up with Josh and Brent to design and install a new Proven Winners Moonlight Garden at the Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, NY. Plants that attract pollinating bees were specially selected to enhance the pollination of the foraging material fed to the Beekman sheep, with an end goal of refining the quality of their hand-crafted line of goat milk skincare products. Follow their progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Jenny Simpson
Creekside Nursery

Jerry and Jenny Simpson own and operate Creekside Nursery in Dallas, NC, west of Charlotte. They began Creekside 14 years ago and have grown it into a unique destination garden center featuring a comprehensive line of Proven Winners annuals, perennials, shrubs, and AquaPots. They take pride in making gardeners of all levels feel welcome, a sentiment that comes across in the how-to videos she produces for Proven Winners. You will find us sharing Jenny’s experiences of gardening in the South in her videos we share on our Facebook and YouTube channels and her photos on Instagram.

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