Cheese With Edible Flowers
Cheese With Edible Flowers

You’ll Need

• A colorful assortment of edible flower petals
• A clean paint brush
• 1 packet of unflavored gelatin (or a gelatin substitute)
• Boiling water
• A block of cheese with a smooth surface (Avoid swiss, brie and other soft cheeses)


Prepare the Gelatin
Pour the contents of the gelatin packet into a small bowl and add boiling water until all of the powder has dissolved. Let the gelatin cool to room temperature.

Arrange the Petals on the Cheese
Using the gelatin as an adhesive, paint a thin layer on the cheese and then stick on the petals.

Final Coat
After you have arranged and pasted on petals to cover the cheese, paint on another thin coat of gelatin to secure them and to add a bit of shine to the petals to showcase your petal art.

Have Fun!

Have fun experimenting with different flowers to create various patterns and color schemes. Serve cheeses at room temperature.

• Harvesting Tips •

Only harvest flowers you are 100% positive are edible

Choose flowers that are grown organically.

Gather them early in the morning when their essential oils are most intense.

Remove the stamens and pistil before eating.

Consume edible flowers in moderation.