Edible Flower Guide

arranging edible flowers on a kitchen counter

Edible Flower Guide

Flowers are beautiful, but edible flowers are about more than just good looks. They can also provide a fresh botanical flourish in recipes. Read on to discover an array of delicious applications for edible flowers.

Flowers, Rediscovered

You may not realize it yet, but you could already have a veritable feast of edible flowers growing in your back yard or garden. Many familiar flowers are edible, and can grace the side of your dinner plate as well as being the centerpiece of your table.

The often overlooked flowers of many herbs and vegetables are also edible. Fresh garden squash is great, but have you tried stuffed squash blossoms? Or how about chive blossoms to flavor your butter? With a bit of creativity and a new perspective, you can get the most out of the many phases of the plants in your garden.

(Did You Know) These Are Edible!

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Dill & Fennel

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• Eight Exciting Ways to Use Edible Flowers •

Flower Petal Ice Cubes

Add petals and buds to your ice cube tray to give your drinks a flowery flare!

Decorate a Cake

Either fresh or dried, a mix of blooms and buds can turn the simplest cake into a stunning centerpiece.

edible flowers arranged on cheese
DIY: Flower Petal Cheese

Learn how to transform cheese with flower petals and a few simple materials.

Sprinkle Into Salads & More

In small amounts, adding petals to salads, breads, dips and appetizers can add a vibrant pop of color to your culinary creations.

DIY: Homemade Rosewater

Learn how to distill your own rosewater at home with freshly picked rose petals.

Stir Fry or Stuff!

Large blooms like daylilies and squash blossoms can be stuffed with cheese or other fillings or thrown in a stir fry for a flowery twist.


Fragrant flowers like lavender and chamomile can be used to infuse oil, simple syrup, or honey.

Preserved Flowers

Dry, candy, or press low-moisture blooms for later use.

• Harvesting Tips •

Only harvest flowers you are 100% positive are edible

Choose flowers that are grown organically.

Gather them early in the morning when their essential oils are most intense.

Remove the stamens and pistil before eating.

Consume edible flowers in moderation.