Container Gardening

Planting Monocultures

Stressing out over which plants will work together in a pot is never fun, so this one’s a no-brainer. Plant up what you like in individual containers, then arrange as needed. Putting your plants in a family of containers (all white, terra-cotta, brass, etc.,) will make sense out of just about any grouping.

Growing solo eliminates the worry of watering or feeding plants in combinations too much or too little since you can satisfy each plant’s needs individually.

Choose your plant colors

There are tons of plants out there, but don’t overwhelm yourself with options. A lot of the time, less is more, and you’ll have a better outcome with a bit of structure. Choose two or three colors you like, and stick to them when selecting plants. Don’t overthink this part. The beauty of monoculture plantings is that you don’t have to worry about plants with different vigor, light and water requirements sharing space.

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