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Color Guidelines

  • Take note of your patio palette.
    Before you choose a color for your pots, take note of any strong
    colors that are already in your outdoor space. Are they cool blues?
    Or are they warm tones like reds and yellows? You may want to color
    your pots within the same color family, or use complementary colors for more contrast.
  • Spice up a neutral outdoor space If your patio is a pretty bland gray, beige, or brown, it’s easy to reinvent your space with just one color! In the examples below, we worked with neutral spaces and chose one accent color that would really pop in that environment. The results were dramatic!
  • Work with complementary colors.
    For example, yellow flowers will look great in a purple pot.
  • When in doubt, go monochromatic.
    Choose one bright accent color, like pink, and use it for everything, from your pots to your flowers. Placed against a neutral patio space, you’ll achieve a surprisingly cheery and modern look.

Sunny Yellow

Yellow can be a pretty intense, blinding color (yellow cars, anyone?) but used wisely, it can really liven up an outdoor area that’s lacking color. It looks great against neutral grays and taupes, works with just about any wood color, and pops against white. Yellow containers work wonders with chartreuse foliage, white flowers, and of course more yellow!

Pretty in Pink

Christian Dior once said “The tones of gray, pale turquoise, and pink will prevail.” Pink makes a strong statement, and jives with many warm or cool flower colors. We paired a pink container with bright Supertunia® Daybreak Charm and Supertunia® Vista® Fuchsia, but what really set it off was the intense dark foliage of Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight™ Ipomoea. Pink rocks with muted grays and wood textures too.

Juicy Orange

Orange doesn’t have to be reserved for Fall. A warm, radiating color, orange can evoke feelings of joy and creative expression. It is striking against dark, cool colors and complements green foliage. Orange looks fantastic with deep tones like mustard yellow and burnt sienna, and bright flower colors like cherry red.