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Tropical Shade
tropical shade recipe
AREA: 12’x7′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Part shade to full shade

If you are looking to create a lush, tropical shade garden, colocasia and caladiums are excellent choices. Colocasia, also known as elephant ear, features large, dramatic leaves that add a bold statement to any garden. Meanwhile, Heart to Heart® caladiums are prized for their colorful foliage and come in a wide assortment of shades and patterns. Both plants thrive in moist, well-draining soil and can handle the shade and humidity of a tropical environment. Plant them with brightly colored Surefire® begonias and accent with the striking foliage of coleus and ipomoea to create an oasis that feels like a true jungle in your own back yard! Our planting diagram considers a 12’x7′ space, but feel free to repeat the plantings as needed to fill a larger space.

tropical shade recipe diagram

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