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Thunbergia Wall
  • For the vertical posts: Two 8′ long 4”x4” posts.
  • For the crossbars: Two 6′ long 1”x2” beams
  • Metal brace pieces: Four 1” wide braces to hold crossbars.
  • Decorative post caps for tops of vertical posts
  • 200 feet of coated garden wire
  • Cement mix
  • Drill + phillips head bit
  • Wood screws
  • 24 Eye screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Mud Mixer or stick
  • Large bucket or wheelbarrow for mixing cement

This project is easier done with 2+ people. While you can do this yourself, leveling, and setting posts in concrete is much easier with a helper. With three people, the process is even easier since the assembly of the wood frame can be done prior to sinking it in the ground. 

Work on a level area.
Sinking posts to achieve the same post height is much easier on a level piece of ground.

Dig Post Holes

Use a measuring tape to estimate the correct distance between your posts. The distance between them should account for 6 foot long crossbars that will sit in metal braces mounted to the posts. The post holes you dig out should be about about 2 feet deep, and wide enough to hold some cement around the posts.

Mix Cement

Follow the instructions on your cement mix to make a batch of cement. You’ll want to do this close by your post holes so you can pour the cement easily after mixing.

Sink 4×4 Posts and Pour Cement

Lower a 4×4 post into the hole, then pour in enough cement to weigh down the post in the ground. While the cement mixture is still pliable, use a level to make sure that the post is standing straight. Once the cement mixture is solid and the post stands independently, repeat the process for the second post.

Attach the Bottom Crossbar

Once both posts are sunk and buried in the ground, use screws to attach the metal braces on facing sides of the posts, at the same height (around 6-8 inches from the ground) Fit the 1”x2” crossbar into the braces and secure it with screws.

Attach the Top Crossbar

Install metal braces for the top crossbar. You’ll want it to sit about 6 inches below the tops of the vertical posts. After you’ve fit the 1”x2” bar into the metal braces, secure it with screws. You can also pop on the decorative cap pieces.

Install Eye Screws

Screw eye screws into the crossbars at six inch intervals. The screws go into the top of the lower crossbar, and into the bottom of the top crossbar so they face each other.

Thread Garden Wire Between Eye Screws

There’s no real science to this one. Tie lengths of the wire between eye screws in as many directions as you like. The more criss-crossing wire the better! The wire will give the climbing thunbergia something to cling on to.

Plant Three Gallon-sized Thunbergia Plants Beneath the Wall

Three gallon-sized thunbergia planted in a row beneath the frame will grow in nicely. Thunbergia is pretty low-maintenance. It loves a lot of sun, and grows very quickly. Within two months, your frame will be entirely grown in!