Collect Your Materials

  • A water garden appropriate plant
  • A black plastic liner pot
  • One large rock that fits in the bottom of the pot
  • A few handfuls of small decorative rocks

Weigh it down

Place the large rock into the bottom of your liner pot.
This will anchor the pot in the water garden and keep it from floating to the top.

Place Your Plant

Put the selected plant into the liner pot over the rock.

Press It Down

Press down the soil around the plant to make sure the plant is secure in the liner pot. This helps to prevent loose soil from floating to the top of your water garden.

Finishing Touches

Add decorative stones over the compressed soil to
help weigh down the container further, prevent loose soil from floating, and to add a nice design element.

Extra Credit

If you wish to use a specific container in your water garden, simply place the liner pot in it, and cover with more decorative rocks!