Container Gardening

Instant Good Looks

Here’s the scenario: You would love to have beautiful combination containers for your patio but don’t have time to make it happen. Here’s how to cheat just a little to get the look you want with one hanging basket, one container, and a small bag of potting soil.

‘Above and Beyond’ combination:
SUPERTUNIA® Vista Fuchsia Petunia
SUPERTUNIA® Vista Silverberry Petunia

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Buy an amazing ready-to-go hanging basket, a small bag of potting soil, and a container that’s about the same size as the hanging basket pot.

Fill the container with enough potting soil in the bottom for the hanging basket plant to sit on top of so it will root in.

Snip the hanger off the hanging basket and gently tease the plant out, taking care not to disturb the roots or crush the top.

With one hand holding the weight of the combo, gently remove the root ball from the plastic container.

Sit the plant in the center of the new container, making sure the bottom of the root ball is touching the new soil and the top is slightly lower than the rim of the pot.

Fill in the gaps around the root ball with fresh potting soil, taking care to add soil around the sides of the container. Water in well and add more potting soil if necessary.
And you’re Done! Simple as that!