Container Gardening

‘Cherry Bomb’ Combination
SUPERBELLS® Cherry Star Calibrachoa
SUPERTUNIA® Black Cherry Petunia

How To Plant Fabulous Combos

Start by purchasing premium quality Proven Winners potting soil, water soluble and continuous release plant food, and a WaterWise kit at your local garden center.

Choose a container that is at least 14” in diameter and has at least one drainage hole in the bottom. If you’re handy, you can drill your own drainage holes if necessary.

After you determine if your 14” container will be displayed in the sun or shade, purchase two each of three com- plementary varieties (or at least 3 each for larger containers) that share the same light and water requirements.

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Fill your container almost to the top with potting soil, leaving a 2-3” gap below the rim of the pot. Work Proven Winners continuous release plant food into the soil.

Plant the first variety directly in the front of the container and its matcher directly in the back. Leave room for two more varieties on each side of the container.

Plant the remaining two varieties opposite one another along the sides of the container. The unplanted center of the container will quickly fill in as the plants mature.

Water the plants in thoroughly. There should be about a 1” gap below the rim of the pot once everything is planted and watered in. Water regularly (daily in summer) and feed with Proven Winners water soluble plant food every two weeks.