Small Potted Trellis
Trellising a Small Potted Plant

You’ll Need

• A small vining plant (we used Proven Accents® Big Leaf Muehlenbeckia)
• A small pot
• Potting soil
• A small trellis
• Floral wire Buy It Here
• A watering can
• Decorative pebbles (optional)


1. Plant the vining plant
2. Water the plant
3. Insert the small trellis into the soil towards the back of the pot
4. Train the vining tendrils around the trellis by gently wrapping them around it
5. Secure the vine on the trellis by wrapping it in some wire. Make sure not to wrap it too tight, as you don’t want to damage the vine.
6. In a few weeks, your vine will grow and fill in around the trellis.