Container Gardening

 ‘Sky High’ combination:
PLAYIN’ THE BLUES™ Salvia longisicata x farinacea
PINK CHABLIS® Lamium maculatum
DARK KNIGHT™ Lobularia

Thriller, Filler, Spiller

How To Design Showcase Quality Containers

Even high end designers use the simple go-to recipe of Thriller + Filler + Spiller to put together showcase quality combination containers. Read below to see how it works.

Choose prominent, boldly textured, taller plants for your thriller. Start with one large or two medium-sized plants to make a quick statement.

Next, choose your spiller. It should have a trailing or billowing habit that will grow over the edges of the container.
Choose one with a complementary color but finer texture than your thriller. You’ll need two 4” pots of spillers.

Lastly, choose your filler. This middle layer should have a different texture than the thriller and spiller, and a contrasting color to make it really pop. You’ll need two to four pots of these 4” fillers depending on your contain- er size.

Keep your showcase containers looking their best all season with regular watering and feeding with Proven Winners water soluble plant food. Don’t be afraid to pinch or prune to maintain the combination’s shape.