Special Occasions

Craft Your Own Chinese Lantern Wreath

Flowers, shrubs, and grasses that were part of your outdoor summer garden can have a second life indoors in the fall when you cut them at the appropriate time. Preserve the blooms and grasses properly, and then use your own creativity to display them with style.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to create a beautiful fall wreath made from dried Chinese Lantern plants.

You’ll Need: 12″ straw wreath form, scissors, a hot glue gun, and enough Chinese Lanterns to cover the form.
‘Chinese Lantern’ is the common name for Physalis alkekengi.


Prepare Your Macabre Materials
Strip individual Chinese lanterns from the stems.
Clean off any dirt if necessary.
Remove the plastic wrap from the wreath.

Grab The Ghastly Glue Gun
Apply a drop or two of hot glue to the back side of a Chinese lantern. Hold it against the straw wreath in the desired position until solidly attached. Repeat while positioning the lanterns tightly together.

Conceal The Frightening Form
Cover the entire wreath so that no straw is showing when viewing from a side angle. Display and enjoy. If properly cared for, the wreath will hold its color and form for years to come.