Outdoor Living

Carve Out a New Idea

Looking for a unique decoration that features the fall’s most popular produce but doesn’t require carving? This do-it-yourself project, the pumpkin vase, makes a festive centerpiece, fall accent, or hostess gift for a Thanksgiving celebration.

What You’ll Need
• A handsome pumpkin
• Knife and spoon
• Cut grasses, leaves, shrubs
• (Optional) Cut fall flowers, gourds, leaves, other fall decor.

Clip & Trim
Select a nice handsome pumpkin, and remove any stem from the top.

Cut Off The Lid
Cut off the lid of the pumpkin, making an opening to access the inside cavity.

Scoop Out The Guts
By “guts” we mean the mushy mass of fibrous strands and seeds inside. Grab a spoon and scoop ’em out! Once the pumpkin is hollowed, fill it with water before adding your cut foliage.

Gather The Cut Foliage
The foliage will be the base layer of your arrangement. Grasses will provide height and drama. If you are using the arrangement as a table centerpiece, you may want to leave the grasses out so your guests can see each other’s pretty faces.

Arrange The Grasses
Start with the tallest elements, and work your way down.

Fill In The Gaps
Use leaves and stems of cut shrubs to add volume and round out the shape of your arrangement.

The Finishing Touch
Add fall flowers of your choice. We went with nasturtium, but mums and hydrangea are also great choices. Complete the look by adding leaves, gourds, and any other fanciful fall decorations you wish to your display.