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The terracotta pot is an inexpensive, eco-friendly workhorse, and can be found stashed under just about any gardener’s potting bench. Made of unglazed clay, the walls of these pots are porous enough to allow air to reach fine plant roots, and to absorb excess moisture from potting soil. The thick walls also protect plants from stressful temperature changes. The downside? Well, that red-brown clay color can get boring after a while, so we thought we’d show you three fun and easy ways to revamp these tried and true garden staples.

One: Antiquing Wax

Gather Your Materials
1. Terracotta pot
2. Antiquing Wax (We used Folk Art brand wax.
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3. Paint brush
4. Rag

Wax On
Apply the wax to the terracotta pot with the brush.

Let it sit for about 5 minutes
You want to let the wax sit on the terracotta long enough to seep into the clay pot without fully drying.

Wax Off
Using the rag, buff the wax to bring back some of the terracotta color and texture to your liking.

Faux Finished
The end result should look like a nicely aged and weathered pot of some distinction.

Two: The Lace Stencil

Gather Your Materials
1. Terracotta pot
2. Lace doily (the flatter the better)
3. Rubber band
4. Spraypaint (we chose white, but you can use
any color you like)

Secure Lace Over Terracotta Pot
Wrap the lace doily around the pot as tightly as you can without damaging the material, and tie it off with the rubber band.

Spray Pot Through The Lace
With the lace acting like a stencil, spraypaint the pot evenly from about 8 inches away. Avoid spraying too much in one area, as it will cause dripping and a messier final design.

Remove The Lace
Let the spraypaint dry for a few minutes, then remove the rubber band and carefully unwrap the lace. Your pot should now be quite funky and conversation-worthy.

Three: Marbling

Gather Your Materials
1. Terracotta pot
2. Plastic tub that is larger than your pot
3. Spraypaint (white, and two decorative colors)
4. Water

Spraypaint the Pot White
Flip your terracotta pot upside down for ease of access and spraypaint the whole pot white. This makes a nice base layer for the marbling effect.

Spraypaint into the Water
Fill the small plastic tub a third of the way up with water. Spray one of your two colors into the water. The spraypaint doesn’t mix, but creates marbling patterns in the water. Stop spraying when you’re satisfied with the texture.

Dip the Pot into the Water
Holding the pot by the rim, dip it into the marbling water and rotate it halfway around to cover one side. Let the paint dry, then repeat the process with the other side. Remove the pot and let the first marbling layer dry for a few minutes.

2nd Marbling Layer
Once the first layer has dried, repeat the previous step with a second color.

Finished Marbling Texture
The second layer will really make this texture pop, and will give your pot a truly unique marbled appearance.