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Modular Patio

Meet Joy & Eric

They’re both avid gardeners who spend a lot of time outdoors. Since entertaining friends and family at home is their other favorite past-time, they’ve set out to create a flexible patio space using movable planters that keep up with their busy social life.

Joy & Eric have an action-packed weekend of entertaining ahead of them. Here’s what they’ve got planned:
Saturday: A birthday party for their niece Emily in the morning, with games for kids.
Then, they’ll reset the patio for a dinner with friends in the evening.
Sunday: Brunch

Joy and Eric have put their planters on casters, making them super-easy to move and rearrange to cater to any kind of get-together. This will come in handy, as they’ll be resetting

the patio to suit each event.

Pot on a wheeled metal planter caddy

You can find caddies here

With a large patio like this, it can be a challenge to create an inviting space. These two 8ft long crate planters work great to divide a large space for a more intimate setting.

Large wood planter on casters

Learn how to build your own large crate planter

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  • Joy and Eric wheel both large crate planters to the center of the patio to create a bowling alley for the kids.
  • Large pots are moved to the edges of the patio to make more room for the festivities
  • The resulting space has a nice flow from the pergola, where the kids eat cupcakes and open presents, to the more spacious play area where the kids can run, bowl, and have a water-gun battle while the adults can lounge and chaperone.

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Merimeri – Party supplies and decorations
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Hopscotch Cakes – Central Illinois cake shop

  • To make a cozy outdoor space for dinner, Joy and Eric use the mobile crate planters to divide the pergola area and the rest of the patio. They put them together in an L-shape and string up globe lights on wooden dowels for a charming warm glow.
  • To provide a lovely backdrop of plants for the evening, two large planters and two small planters are positioned by the pergola pillars, around the dining table.
  • After a Saturday full of guests, games, and good times, Joy and Eric want to reset the patio a bit, open it up and place the plants where they can be enjoyed best throughout the week.
  • The large crate planters are moved to the front of the patio, creating an lush, attractive privacy screen.
  • This setup is more casual. It leaves the patio at its most spacious, but maintains inviting nooks to mingle, lounge, and relax.

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