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Whether you garden on ten acres or on your condo’s patio, you can provide a safe space for pollinators to live, feed and multiply. Find out how you can use bright colors and plants with attractive scents to make your own pollinator haven!

VIDEO: Learn how you can take a simple birdhouse kit and turn it into a colorful living space for pollinators in your container garden.
• Craft Paint
• Brush
• Birdhouse Kit
• Hammer
• Wood Dowel (optional)
• Bracket (optional)

Small Wren Birdhouse

Wildlife World Birdhouse Link

Wildlife World Birdhouse

Loll Designs Birdhouse

Hip Roof Birdhouse Link

Hip Roof Birdhouse

Slotted Entry Birdhouse

Slotted Entry Birdhouse

Make Your Own Butterfly Feeder

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bees illustration
How to Keep Mason Bees

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