Terracotta Wall


In this DIY we’ll show you how to build a vertical terracotta planter wall using a wood fence as support. This is a great way to maximize your gardening space and transform a plain fence into a lush living backdrop. We found that wrought iron planter rings were strong enough to allow for the use of fairly large pots that helped keep the plants happy and healthy. We also used the WaterWise® drip watering system to make even and regular watering easier, even in those hard to reach top plantings.

You’ll find the list of plants we used below. Pretty much anything with a mounding or trailing growth habit will work. This wall could work very well with edible plants such as strawberries and herbs. Feel free to experiment with your own plant choices!

VIDEO: Check out this time lapse of the terra cotta planter wall installation.
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Iron Planter Ring

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8″ Terracotta Pot

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WaterWise® Watering Kit

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Plant Food

Using the WaterWise Watering System

Get creative! Check out three fun and easy ways to revamp the tried and true terra cotta pot.

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