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Many of us have taken on extra home improvement projects recently. Sometimes, these projects can be daunting, but you don’t always have to start from scratch. These homeowners decided to cozy up a relatively unused prefab gazebo on their property. They installed window boxes and planted vining vinca to create an inviting outdoor room with living privacy walls. Low-maintenance container plantings helped to warm up the space.

Below, you can learn more about using vining plants to create living privacy walls, see the full plant list for this project, and find other outdoor living projects to inspire your next backyard makeover.

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Vinca Vine
This tried and true container spiller vine is capable of more than you think it is. If irrigated and fertilized, it can grow very quickly and reach 10’ in length in warmer climates within a season.

Once it is a foot or two in length, pruning new shoots near the soil can help achieve this living wall effect.

Hardy in zones 7a-10b
Vinca can also be transplanted to the landscape in the fall, but take care to plant only in spaces where it can spread out without causing problems. In warm climates it can spread quite aggressively in the landscape.

Vinca Varieties
A blend of Vinca maculata and ‘Wojo’s Jem’ Vinca was used for this project, but any vining vinca will do the job.


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