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Lush Patio Office

This vibrant take on an outdoor office strikes a balance between having a quiet place to gather your thoughts and a place where your creative spirit will be rekindled by the vivid colors, textures and scents of tropical plants. A space like this will keep you motivated to work even though you haven’t left home.

Several Alocasias that spend their winters indoors as houseplants are repurposed in these containers as focal points and will be brought back inside in the fall. A supporting cast of part shade-loving caladiums, begonias, Swedish ivy and others round out the combinations for the summertime.


Part Shade Shade


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Sunny Porch Office

This screened patio is transformed into a lush, inviting indoor/outdoor workspace by planting sun-loving ipomoea, coleus, calibrachoa and lantana. Sweet Caroline Upside™ Key Lime Ipomoea have a unique climbing habit that give these plantings vertical interest. Paired with ColorBlaze® Golden Dreams™ Coleus, they make a beautiful green foliage complement for pops of pink, violet and yellow color from Superbells® Calibrachoa and Luscious® Lantana Varieties. Who wouldn’t want to spend their work day here!


Part Sun Sun


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patio office

• Patio Office Tips •

Choosing a Location
Choose a covered spot in case of rain and to cut the sun’s glare on your computer screen.

Wi-Fi Needs
Find a spot where the Wi-Fi signal is strong if internet access is needed.

Light Requirements
Outdoor lighting works well for Zoom calls but consider your backdrop.

Office Furniture
Use a chair with wheels, portable laptop and multipurpose table if working in a flex space.