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privacy wall patio before makeover
privacy patio after makeover
Privacy With Style

Privacy. It’s a luxury desired by many but often not afforded to city dwellers whose homes or balconies abut one another with little to no green space in between. One effective solution is to add a living screen.

In the “before” photo above, there was nothing standing between the porch and the neighbor. That just wasn’t cutting it. We exchanged it for a living screen that provides privacy and brings fresh life to the porch.

Low maintenance foliage is the focus with a few white bacopa flowers sprinkled in for good measure. Note the carefully selected mix of colors and textures as well as the forethought not to use plants with blossoms that would necessitate daily sweeping of the porch. Lush vining plants provide an extra layer of screening.

Learn more about the plants we chose by clicking on the links in the slideshow below. Read on to find helpful tips, links, projects, and products that can give you a jump start on your own privacy wall planter.


Click on any image in the slideshow to learn more about the plant

Privacy Wall Planters

Three options for creating your own vertical privacy planter

Option 1

Modify An Existing Product

We started with a pair of Akiko Vertical Garden Planters purchased online, then modified them by building an extra planter box for the base. We also added caster wheels (available at Home Depot) to make these planters easily movable.

What We Built

We built a fourth planter box to use as the bottom box of the privacy planter. We made the bottom box taller (11.5″ tall) so it could hold more soil, and used a heavier 2″ thick piece of wood for the base. When assembled, that extra weight helped to stabilize the entire unit. We disassembled the sides of the Akiko planter and re-assembled it with our planter box at the bottom. Adding the fourth box made the vertical planter taller and more effective as a privacy screen. The added casters also made it easy to move around!

Option 2

Stack Four Windowboxes

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to build a tall privacy planter without a lot of sawing and assembly, you may prefer to buy four window boxes and attach them together with long braces along the sides.

window box product link

This 28″ Acacia Wood Window Box makes a good candidate.

Option 3

Build It From Scratch

If you like the look of these living privacy walls and enjoy getting your hands dirty, have a go at building one yourself! Below you’ll find some helpful links to DIY projects that will get you on your way, including a living screen of beautiful flowering thunbergia vine and an in-depth mobile planter build.

thunbergia wall project link

Learn how to make a living privacy wall with vigorous and beautiful thunbergia.

long wheeled planter diy link

Learn how to build a large wheeled planter in this detailed DIY.



thunbergia wall diy link

Learn how to make a living privacy wall with vigorous and beautiful thunbergia.

moveable feast link

Learn how to make a flexible patio space that cam be quickly rearranged for multiple occasions.

small space gardening link

Explore projects designed to make the most out of limited spaces and urban environments.