by Rochelle Greayer
I am in the final stages of getting another issue of PITH + VIGOR out the door (it is in the
process of being stuffed into boxes and envelopes right now!) and now that I feel like I can,
I’ve been taking frequent gardening breaks.  It feels really good to slow down a little bit.
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of plants and I am grateful for this extended spring to have
some time to get them all planted.
This year, I’ve put together a scheme for my strawberry tower (which has become the
centerpiece of my vegetable garden) that is bright and colorful.  You might remember last 
with something more mixed and varied in color. I recently happened across this image and
was inspired by the cheery mix of this gorgeous wall.

To create something similar, I’ve chosen florific annuals that range from pink to yellow to purple
(I’ve consciously opted to replace the silver and blue with deep purples as I think it will visually work better in bright blaring sun of my garden).
Once I get this all planted up and it grows together, I’ll hopefully be able to share something that reflects my inspiration!
Plant list: