by Jane Beggs-Joles    After a deceptively mild December, winter showed up with a vengeance in January. Freezing cold, plenty of snow, and some ice mixed in for good measure. February brought more of the same. When you’re not thinking about how much you don’t want to shovel yet again you’re likely thinking about the  promise of spring. You know what that means: a trip to the garden center.   After all, shopping for the spring garden is a lot more fun than shopping for spring clothes. Unlike 

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Strawberry Tower Planting 2015

by Rochelle Greayer  I am in the final stages of getting another issue of PITH + VIGOR out the door (it is in the  process of being stuffed into boxes and envelopes right now!) and now that I feel like I can,  I’ve been taking frequent gardening breaks.  It feels really good to slow down a little bit. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of plants and I am grateful for this extended spring to have  some time to get them all planted.   This year, I’ve put together a scheme for my strawberry tower

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The Fragrant Patio

by Rochelle Greayer  My mother’s day gift to myself gets delivered tomorrow.  Well, maybe I should say installed.  It’s a water spigot on the side of the house where my patio is and I am super excited to see the plumber come and make this little dream a reality – I’ve been wanting this for years.   Hoses are a garden necessity but they are a nuisance and having to haul them all the way around the house is something I’ve come to see as torture (both to me and to the plants that I inevitably

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Decadent Arrangements

by Rochelle Greayer  Soft and Sweet:  Decadence® 'Vanilla Cream' Baptisia, Fishnet Stockings Solenostemon scutellarioides (Coleus),  Light Pink Peony Ombre and Drama: Decadence® 'Dutch Chocolate' Baptisia, Mariposa™ Solenostemon scutellarioides  (Coleus), Magenta Peony     Have you ever ‘weeded’ out a plant – sure that it was a nuisance only to realize later that it was something you intended? I have. About 5 years ago I inadvertently massacred about eight Baptisia australis that I planted the

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‘Marching’ To More Beautiful Gardens

by Kerry Ann Mendez   Spring is around the corner and many have a bad case of spring fever. Here are a few timely tricks to jump-start our flower gardens.   A well balanced snack can make a huge difference. As spring temperatures rise, plants surge into new growth, relying on energy stored in roots. A granular fertilizer, in the neighborhood of 5-5-5, can generate head-turning results. The fastest and easiest method for applying fertilizer is with a spreader, or hand casting, right before it

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A Shamrock (Oxalis) Rainbow

by Rochelle Greayer     Left to Right:  Charmed® Velvet Shamrock Oxalis, Zinfandel™ Oxalis vulcanicola, Charmed® Jade Oxalis, Molten Lava™ Oxalis vulcanicola, Cottage Pink (Wood Sorrel) Oxalis, Charmed® Wine Oxalis     I’m finding the ever-increasing variety of oxalis (commonly called Shamrocks or Wood Sorrel) available to gardeners very inspiring. In the last decade (or so) it seems like the color and shape choices have exploded – there is – literally – a whole rainbow of elegant and

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