by Rochelle Greayer
Texture features large in this loosely planted arrangement that I am dubbing ‘Feathery Fall Fireworks’. Once again, I hope this inspires you beyond the typical container garden planting of mums for this fall season. My personal preference for container gardens is for plants that aren’t quite so dense and allow for a little bit of movement. I started with the cuphea Vermillionaire™ – this tough as nails plant was still alive, blooming, and quite pretty despite the last many weeks of dry baking weather here in New England (it is very drought tolerant!). I transplanted it to my container and started building around its open wild habit.   I suspect that had it not been so parched through August it would have been fuller and thicker – thankfully I prefer it this way.
To compliment the orange tubular flowers (Commonly called firecracker plant, the flowers look like those little black cat firecrackers that just spark and loudly explode), and help them stand out I added in coleus ‘Sedona‘ whose deep orange-red foliage is very similar to the cuphea. Artemisia ‘Silver Mound’  drapes over the base and I also harvested a couple of pine saplings from the woods behind my house to further build on the theme of feathery soft open foliage.​
I encourage you to gather materials from your landscape to add to your container – it will always help it to look more natural in your garden.

The only thing I think I would change is in the photo styling… a pretty orange pumpkin would have been a great addition sitting at the base of the container don’t you think? This container was purchased from Napa Home and Garden many years ago. It is metal (not terrazzo) and quite lightweight, but it has stood the test of time!​
Pictured Above:
‘Silver Mound’ Artemisia
Pine Tree Sapling (var. unknown) from the woods at the end of my garden.
Images: Rochelle Greayer